Research Strategy:
Academic Journals

Articles from peer reviewed journals are considered to be the most credible publications. You should be sure to consult peer reviewed journals and cite articles published in them as part of your final paper.

Just a few years ago, students attending Schoolcraft College would have to go to the library at Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan University, or the University of Michigan to get a wide range of peer reviewed journals. Now, searching for peer reviewed articles is no more difficult than doing an Internet search.

Schoolcraft College has databases that you can search on-line. The databases may be searched from any computer on campus. You may also search them from off-campus computers if you have the proper passwords.

You may get a list of passwords at the library or via e-mail by contacting If you request a list of passwords via e-mail, your e-mail message must include your full name, student number, and the Schoolcraft College course in which you are enrolled this semester. Unfortunately, because of licensing restrictions, passwords can only be supplied to Schoolcraft College students, faculty, and staff.

If you have never used the on-line databases, you might want to consult Using Schoolcraft College's On-Line Databases.

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Academic journals are not the only quality resources you can access at the Schoolcraft College Library.