This section is primarily written for students who publish in four specific venues: (1) College History, (2) Films Studies, (3) Today in History, and (4) HASTAC.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons provides uniform licenses which authors can use to share their work without giving up copyright to it.

Most of the materials published at College History, Film Studies, and HASTAC are published under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. When you submit materials to these three websites, you need to be aware of the license under which their works will be published. Faculty members should address this issue in class before asking students to publish their work.

I use the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license for most of the materials available through Resources for Researchers. This includes the Back Porch Guide to the Research Paper. It is also the license I use for Etena Sacca-vajjena, my teaching blog.

Today in History
First North American Serial Rights

Today in History is a primarily student written blog where students maintain the copyright for their memorable moments but give the blog what is known as "first North American serial rights." This means that the blog is the first place where the student's memorable moment will be published. Although students maintain the copyright to their memorable moments, they cannot publish their memorable moment elsewhere until it is first published in Today in History.

Today in History routinely gives students permission to publish their memorable moments as part of on-line portfolios. However, students need to request permission prior to publishing their memorable moment anywhere before it first appears in Today in History.

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