Getting Ideas by Searching Databases
at Schoolcraft College's Library

The Schoolcraft College Library maintains an excellent collection of on-line databases which can be used either on-campus or off-campus. However, to access most of the databases off-campus you will need a log-on name and password.

You may pick up a list of passwords from the library. Schoolcraft students may e-mail to request a list of passwords if they include their full name and student number in their e-mail request. For legal reasons, e-mail requests may only be honored from currently enrolled Schoolcraft College students, faculty, and staff.

Searching Journals

A list of the periodical databases maintained by the library is available at the library's website. By searching on-line databases for articles written on your subject, you can find out what has already been written on your topic. You will also get an overview of the material as well as get ideas about how you might approach the subject.

If you have never used an on-line database, you should consult “Using Schoolcraft College's On-Line Databases." This worksheet gives you step-by-step directions on how to use them.

Searching Books

The book collection at Schoolcraft Library may be easily searched on-line. No password is required to use this database. By locating books on your subject, you can get ideas for your paper. And, in the process, you will begin your research. is a valuable research tool as well as an on-line bookstore. Search their extensive database for books on your topic. provides tables of contents, indexes, and sample pages for many of their books; books that you can then search for at the library or that can be immediately ordered on-line.

Reference Librarians

Research has suggested that students are sometimes afraid or embarrassed to ask a reference librarian for assistance. However, the Schoolcraft College librarians are committed to assisting you find the resource materials you need to be successful in your coursework. When you are on campus, don't be afraid to get to know the librarians.

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