Digital Literacy:
Awards and Recognition

University Bound Research Awards

Three $200 University Bound Research Awards will be given at the end of both the Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 semesters to recognize outstanding projects by Schoolcraft College students that demonstrate digital literacy skills. The submission deadline for projects created during the Fall 2013 semester is December 17, 2013. The deadline for projects created during the Winter 2014 semester is May 5, 2014.

For more information about the University Bound Research Awards, please consult the application form prepared by the University Bound Program.

This University Bound Research Awards are made possible with support from the Alexander and Rachel Liberacki Fund which is administered through the Schoolcraft College Foundation.

LAND Digital Literacy Competition

The Liberal Arts Network for Development (LAND) sponsors a Digital Literacy Competition which recognizes outstanding projects in which Michigan Community College students demonstrate both learning in the liberal arts and digital literacy skills. The deadline for projects created during the 2013 academic year is December 9, 2013.

Additional information about the LAND Digital Literacy Competition is available on the LAND website.

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